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SQL (Structured Query Language) is everywhere, and in today’s digitalized world with massive amounts of data being gathered every day and stored into a database, knowing how to program with SQL is imperative.

All SQL operations are classified into one of four general things you do to tables:

  • Create/Put data into tables.
  • Read data out of a table.
  • Update data already in a table.
  • Delete data from the table.

This has been given the acronym “CRUD” and is considered a fundamental set of features every data storage system must have.

Let’s take an analogy here… Let’s relate how SQL works by comparing it to a spreadsheet software like Excel:

  • A database is a whole spreadsheet file.
  • A table is a tab/sheet in the spreadsheet, with each one being given a name.
  • A column is a column in both.
  • A row is a row in both.
  • SQL then gives you a language for doing CRUD operations on these to produce new tables or alter existing ones.

Whether you’re a marketer or an aspiring developer, SQL is a great language to learn…

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