How to improve Database performance?

How to improve Database performance?” , This is one of the common question asked by the interviewers when ever you go for SQL, PL/SQL, DBA position interviews. The way you answer this question gives the idea to an Interviewer, if you are thinking the bigger picture or not?

Database performance is a commitment rather than a simple configuration of a database.  It is the responsibility of each and every individual in the team.  Architects, Data Modelers, Application designers, DBA’s and SQL developers need to be involved for optimal performance of database.

  • Architects need to design the right architecture for the proper flow of data.
  • Data Modelers need to come up with efficient data models keeping the use cases in mind.
  • Application designers need to design the Application keeping the data model in mind.
  • DBA’s need to configure the database keeping the use cases and best practices in mind.
  • SQL developers need to write efficient queries keeping the amount of data in mind.


So, It’s a collective effort for achieving optimal performance of the database.